With Internet Explorer 10 you will get a great browser experience.

Browse with Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 is one of the world’s most famous browsers that caters to the needs of its users, by optimizing graphics performance, offering a range of processing functions and video and text support and features.

Internet Explorer 10
  • Fast loading time of websites and applications
  • Create Jump List for direct access to favourite sites
  • Anchor favourite websites in the taskbar
  • More integration with Windows
  • Improved rendering
  • More stable and secure than ever before
  • Internet Explorer 10 32bit


One of the most innovative offering the browser is the ability to view two pages simultaneously, while its content continue to run. All you have to do is drag each of the windows to opposite edges of the screen.

Shortcuts internet explorer 10

With Internet Explorer 10 you do not even need to open the browser to access your favourite pages because of the very convenient anchor feature, sites can be directly added to the Windows taskbar.


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Free Tenders from which you can choose from are:

Depending on your configuration, one (and only one) of the following toolbars:

Babylon Toolbar (and Optional Homepage)


  • Easy searches directly from the toolbar.
  • Games and cool gadgets.
  • Many online services.

If you install the toolbar, the settings of your homepage, new tab and your default browser Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome will change depending on the options you selected.

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